Ghost Padel


In collaboration with First Class Pr.

GHOST PADEL is a new kind of Padel where the players will play in the dark.
The players will only see the fluorescent field lines, the balls and the T-shirts.

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GHOST PADEL: a kind of padel... never seen before!

What is ghost padel?

Ghost Padel is a new patented format of the padel game. It is a "brilliant" idea (in the literal sense) to make padel playing even more fun and adrenaline-pumping.

What is special about it?

It is played in the dark. The only visible things are lines that mark the field, the balls and the players' clothes - all fluorescent.

Ghost Padel Field

Why choose ghost padel

The goal of Ghost Padel is to be together and have fun, therefore agonism is irrelevant.

Who can play?

For its features, Ghost Padel will be used for tournaments, Tours, Team Building activities, birthday parties...

It's a sport for all persons: it's a game for any age, from children to elderly.

And like a usual padel game there are two players (“Ghost Padelists”) for each team.

Where can I install it?

The KIT, patented by Ghost Padel S.r.l., can be installed in any field model in indoor/outdoor environments such as sports halls, sports tensile structures and sports centers.

More fun, more show, more game!

Ghost Padel is a different way to thing a Padel game, where the protagonist is the fun and the show.

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Ghost Padel - Field

How can I have the kit?

The GHOST PADEL trademark is registered, the game pattern, materials and technical contents are part of a patented project filed on an international scale.

Before arriving to the realization of the Ghost Padel it took 14 months of research, technical tests, field tests for safety and material worked in the laboratory studied ad hoc.

In order to enjoy the game we will offer two solutions:

Ghost Padel Field

Sale of the KIT
essential for the type of game (lights, fluorescent scheme, clothing, accessories...)

The kit includes:

  • 1 Set Ghost Printed Fluo tape for 1 court: available colors orange, fuchsia, yellow, green
  • Adhesive Velcro M/F
  • Central net 10m x H24cm
  • 8 Professional headlights Wood
  • 4 Headlight brackets in metal universal application
  • 8 Sleeveless bibs / jackets Fluo

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Campo Ghost Padel

Ghost Padel Party
Special nights, parties, happy hour, tournaments, team building... Want to learn more? Request a quote.

The event includes:

  • Mounting / dismounting kit fluo campo on existing structure
  • Sound system
  • Audio Mixer
  • Microphones
  • Colored lights and strobe
  • Smoke machine
  • Dj Set
  • Hostess
  • Technicians

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CONDITIONS OF SALE: The use of the KIT is strictly personal and itinerant use is prohibited, so any event organized in sports centers, clubs, tours, tournaments, etc... in places other than the destination, will be punished according to law civilly and penally.

Discover the different color combinations available:

These are just a few examples of the color combinations for fields with the most common glass sizes.
Do you have a field with a different glass configuration or particular profile measurements?
Tell us during the quote! We will adapt our proposal to your specific measures.